IPC at a Glance

The IPC Project at a Glance Teacher Students’ Lack of Motivation to Study Abroad Student mobility and studying abroad plays a marginal role in the individual experience of teacher students. Studies show that teacher students’ interest, volition, and motivation to gain international experience is lower compared to students enrolled into other study programs (Protzel & […]

IPC Basic 2021 – Student Presentations

IPC Basic 2021 – Student presentations Topic of this IPC Basic class in winter term 2021 was “Digital Competence in Education”. The groups worked on related topics and created their final presentations with the app Genially and Canvas. See presentations

IPC Research 2020 – Results

IPC Research 2020 – Results Educational leadership and student ’s resilience: German and Polish schools during the COVID -19 pandemic. A comparative educational study. The text resumes the results of the research project in the IPC Research Project in winter term 2021/22. IPC students from Poland and Germany conducted interviews with headteachers of schools in […]